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– Events this month

– Movement Tips

– Athlete Spotlight

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Stay tuned on the Wolf Pack Facebook group for the Luna Weightlifting Classes!

Congrats Athletes!

Congrats to all the PR’s and the gumption shown at the CrossFit Total!

Congrats to our Wolf Pack that demolished the Spartan Beast! Apply your fitness!

Movement Tip

Good Daily Mobility Work

Gearing up for the CrossFit open, here’s some good mobility work to do daily.

Athlete Spotlight

November 2015 – KAREN PADECIO


IMG_1328 copy

She’s one strong willed individual who hammers through the workouts with focus and determination. You can find her at the end of the WOD encouraging those who are around her.

Food Tip!

IMG_4488 copy

Free Intro Class & Elements

New to CrossFit? Come by for a free intro class on Saturday at 10 am. Then sign up for one of the upcoming Elements Courses:

Member Referral

Refer a friend and you’ll receive a $100 credit towards your membership OR you can gift that to your friend!


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