Athlete Spotlight August 2015 – Carson Barrett

How long have you been CrossFitting?
 I have been crossfitting for a little over three years now.
Tell us about yourself… Where are you from?
I am from a small town in East Texas called Kilgore. I am super close to my whole family and I have the sweetest dog in the world, named Piper. I played basketball, ran track, and was on drill team in high school. I went to Texas A&M University and graduated in December of 2014! I love cupcakes, iHOP, Chuy’s, the color yellow, sappy movies, and Grey’s Anatomy. 🙂 I’m outgoing and love to talk. That’s pretty much me in a nutshell.
What’s your occupation?
 I am a Sales Rep for Datamax Texas!
How did you hear about Crossfit Luna and why did you decide to join? 
When I moved to Dallas I knew I wanted to stay crossfitting but I wanted to get settled into my job and into the real world before I took on a commitment like joining CrossFit. After almost three months of solely running, I was over it and had to get back to CrossFit. I initially was going to go on a DFW CrossFit tour and tried a lot of gyms around me, but Crossfit Luna was my first stop.  The people were so very nice, inviting, and really extended a welcoming feeling when I visited… so much for that tour! Luna it was for me 🙂 Wouldn’t trade it for the world!
How have you seen yourself change-mentally or physically-since being a part of Crossfit Luna? I have seen so many changes both mentally and physically. Mentally I have been able to overcome the “I’m tired and I’m going to quit on this round” because it never fails, right when that thought creeps up, someone says “Let’s go Carson.” Physically I feel so much better. I am hitting PRs and overall improving in all areas of my workout.
What is your favorite exercise?
 Push press. Or maybe running. But also I like box jumps.
What is your least favorite exercise?
 ROWING!!!! That’s it. Rowing.
What has been your favorite WOD so far? 
Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness. It was a mile run then a LONG chipper WOD but it was one of those ones when I finished the whole thing I felt on top of the world. Dying of exhaustion/heat…. but on top of the world.
What has been your least favorite WOD?
 Mayor of Cardio City (had to go back and find it) but I remember it vividly. Started with rowing and ended with rowing… hated it.
If you had to name a WOD, what would you name it?
 “Is this a joke right now” and it would probably be a WOD of a lot of rowing.
What are some of your goals for the coming year?
 I want to be able to do a strict pull-up and handstand push-up.
How do you see crossfit being difference than other fitness programs?
 Crossfit is very different from many types of fitness programs because I’ve never seen community like I’ve seen Crossfit. I cannot tell you how nice it is to come to Luna after an extremely long day and be greeted by smiling faces. It’s such a tough sport to do, but with the kind of encouragement we all get from each other, it makes it so worth it.
Did you think the sport of fitness would ever be for you?
 My middle name could possibly be competitive so yes. I always knew I would stay into fitness after high school and I’m so very glad to have found the sport of crossfit.
How can other people relate to your story?
 My story is like a lot of people that come to Dallas. I came here straight from college and I came alone. All of my friends were either still in school or moved elsewhere. I was pretty miserable for the first few weeks of living here because this is a BIG city, but I found a church and I found a gym and I didn’t allow being young and lonely to get in the way of life. Staying in shape both in body and mind, in my opinion, takes community. I am so thankful that I have been placed here where I am today!! I have found such a wonderful community of people and they are all so great!
What is something that others may not know about you?
 I was in band in high school and I played the baritone and I low-key, kind of, sort of miss it 🙂
Thank you all again. I am truly honored y’all would think of me! Crossfit Luna has seriously changed me and helped me so much mentally. I actually don’t go home every single weekend to my parents anymore!! But really thanks for always encouraging me and pushing me to be better. I have developed a level of confidence that I really lacked when I moved here. Thanks for helping me make Dallas home ❤ 🙂

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