Athlete Spotlight For Jan 2015 – Dan Hartmann

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How long have you been CrossFitting? 

I started Crossfit in May of 2014, so about a year and a half.

Tell us about yourself… Where are you from? 

I was raised in Germany for the first 15 years of my life and moved to the states in 2001. I have two older sisters who have recently graced me with a niece and a nephew so I am now a proud uncle.

What’s your occupation? 

I recently went back to school and am currently working on my doctor of chiropractic. So I’m pretty much a broke college student again for the next couple of years.

How did you hear about CrossFit Luna and why did you decide to join? 

I had originally started Crossfit at White Rock, but since my school is conveniently 5 minutes from Luna, I switched over once Luna had opened. I was actually a bit reluctant to join Crossfit at first as I had been working out on my own for a while but my long time buddy coach Cullen kept bugging me to try it. I finally gave in, came to a class and was immediately hooked.

How have you seen yourself change – mentally or physically – since being a part of CrossFit Luna? 

Physically I am definitely in the best shape of my life so far. Although I do enjoy my share of alcoholic beverages and sweets at times, which keep a bit extra padding around some areas. Some call it love handles, I call it enjoying life. Mentally Crossfit has shown me that I can push through pretty much anything if I really want to. It has especially helped me with my studies in medical school since the work load is quite a lot. I just tell myself, if I can get through Murph, I can get though these classes too.

What is your favorite exercise? 

My favorite exercise is the clean and jerk. Mostly because I am pretty good at it and it combines two powerful movements.

What is your least favorite exercise? 

Least favorite at this point are double unders. But that’s because I suck at them and can’t stand getting slapped by the rope every time I mess up. It’s like someone slapping you in the face every time you missed a snatch. Just irritating.

What has been your favorite WOD so far? 

My favorite WOD would have to be Murph. Murph has a special place for me in my heart since it was the first WOD I had ever done right after elements.

What has been your least favorite WOD?

Probably Karen, since doing 150 wall balls for time is never fun.

If you had to name a WOD, what would you name it? 

I would probably name it The Danimal.

What are some of your goals for the coming year? 

CrossFit goals would be to improve my snatch overall and hit 260 on my clean and jerk.

How do you see CrossFit being different than other fitness programs? 

CrossFit challenges you in every aspect possible, both physically and mentally. It’s never boring and the coaching and community are absolutely priceless.

Did you think the sport of fitness would ever be for you? 

Yes, I have been involved in sports all my life and Crossfit was a perfect fit.

How can other people relate to your story? 

I am not sure how to answer this question since I feel as though my story is pretty simple. But my philosophy in life is to try everything at least twice, since you never know if the first time was a dud. So if people are not sure if they should try Crossfit (or anything for that matter) I say do it. You never know if it may change your life.

What is something that others may not know about you?

I am currently in Dhaka, Bangladesh for a wedding.


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