Athlete Spotlight For Nov 2014 – Ron Murawski

How long have you been CrossFitting?                                                                                                                                

I’ve been going since June of this year. I was in The first Elements Class at CrossFit Luna.

Tell us about yourself… Where are you from?

I was raised in San Antonio and have spent most of my adult working life in the DFW area except for 5 years in Michigan.

What’s your occupation?

I’m the president of a construction company that performs road construction.

How did you hear about CrossFit Luna and why did you decide to join?

My oldest daughter has been in CrossFit since she has been in the Air Force and she has talked about it often. For the last few years I haven’t done a whole lot of exercising and, due to me hitting 60, I knew I needed do something to get back in shape. I’ve ran off and on my whole life, but wanted to do something different. So when they opened up CrossFit Luna next to my office, I decided to give it try.

How have you seen yourself change – mentally or physically – since being a part of CrossFit Luna?

I’m not sure much can be done for me mentally, but physically I’ve seen big changes, at least in my eyes. I’ve gotten stronger, my stamina has increased (played basketball a few weeks ago with some 30 year olds and was able to keep up with them), and my range of motion has increased. During the Elements Class I could only squat to one of the tall boxes. Now I can squat with the big boys and girls.

What is your favorite exercise?

Since I was able to do it from the start, I would have to say rowing. I have done it in the pass so it wasn’t foreign. However, I didn’t know my technique was that screwed up until Dhenmark and Kyle straighten me out. Now I’m an efficient rowing fool.

What is your least favorite exercise?

From the beginning Wall Balls and I haven’t gotten along too well. But like any relationship we are going to work it out between us.

What has been your favorite WOD so far?

WOD’s that contain rowing, thrusters, and box jumps. The box jump is surprising since when I first started I had a phobia about them and couldn’t do them without almost killing myself. I had Dhenmark running to my aid a couple of times.

What has been your least favorite WOD?

WODs that contain pull-ups. I haven’t been able to do a strict pull-up without using bands. That’s frustrating to me. But just like the Wall Balls, we’re just going to work through my weakness.

If you had to name a WOD, what would you name it?

“It will only hurt for a few days!”

What are some of your goals for the coming year?

I still have a couple of goals this year I think I can master – do strict pull-ups and HBBS my weight. For next year increase my strength, but probably more important to increase my range of motion. Overhead squats really points that out. My back just doesn’t bend like the young guns.

How do you see CrossFit being different than other fitness programs?

I think the difference in CrossFit is the whole concept. From warm-ups to strength training to WODs – You have mobility, strength, and stamina. Then you add the class concept with coaches stressing technique and mobility and co-members providing support and motivation. You don’t find that in other gyms. And as an “older” and slender person, it’s great the way exercises are adapted to take steps to get you in time doing it without aids. i.e. using bands for pull-ups.

Did you think the sport of fitness would ever be for you?

As a competition, I think that is a few years off for me. When I was running I would think I could get in an age bracket and be able to at least get in the top 10 in my age group. It never happened. There are a lot of fast seniors and now I’m seeing a lot of strong seniors. So until I can Rx some WODs, I’ll just stick to CrossFit as a great way to stay in shape.

How can other people relate to your story?

I think a lot of CrossFitters can relate to me because I cuss during WODs. Seriously, like it’s always said, “if I can do it, anyone can.” If you saw me you would say the same thing. The only thing it takes is having the discipline to go to the box. Time and effort will take over from there. As a side note, I was struggling with wall balls when I just started and Dhemark said to use the green ball (the lightest ones). I made a derogatory remark on what type of person uses the green ball. He corrected me quickly and said “those people don’t show up.” So just show up and you won’t be one of “those people.”

What is something that others may not know about you?

On a road trip to California with a buddy in the 70’s, I won a “bump” contest at the Devil’s Cage in Phoenix. No trophy; just a free beer!


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